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Bay Vista Commons (BVC) FAQ’s

Does BVC accept Medicaid? 

Yes, we accept Medicaid and are happy to assist with the application process.


Who owns BVC? 

BVC is owned by the Bremerton Housing Authority and care and services are managed by Martha & Mary. 


Are there any clinical services offered at BVC? 

Yes, foot care services, in-house dental hygienist services, Alzheimer’s support group and a walker clinic are all offered at various times throughout the year. 


Does BVC assist with pet care needs? 

No, the pet is the responsibility of the owner.  Vaccination records are required to be kept up to date.


Is there a pet deposit required for those with a pet? 

Yes, there is a non-refundable pet deposit required for thoroughdeep-cleaning after the unit is vacated. 


Does BVC provide any furniture?  

No, each resident is encouraged to bring their own belongings and décor to make their apartment their home. 


Are snacks available for residents when needed? 

The dining room is open from 7:30am-6:00pm.  Snacks are available during these hours and a limited selection by request after hours.